It’s spring! Carnival on!

While crossing the street to get back home, I saw lovely kids from every corner of the city were gathering to centre park, they impressed me with colourful costume and gorgeous make-up. I was just like: “hey! what is happening right before my eyes??” Curiously,… Read More


Ballerina dream

“Le solo d’Emilie” is one of Céline’s favourite book, it’s a story about little Emilie, who has deep passion for ballet dancing, who wears beautiful ballet dress and be a star of the theatre in the Christmas night concert. On a gloomy rainy day, mommy and Celine… Read More


Hadorable is back

Hello my friends, I am back after 4 months no blogging, no connection with my wordpress community, there are always about a million excuses, I wish it isn’t long enough to be forgotten. The  main reason is that I wanted to change my blog page… Read More


Word Of Autumn

The colder wind today brought word of change. With Autumn on its way soft blossoms shrink. Berries drop their plump hued heads in phases, And shorter days pull Autumn to its brink. The sun sheds less its brightness in full streams. Pine trees sigh, branching… Read More