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Bordeaux city – France

Bordeaux was one of our choice to visit last summer. This city is both beautiful and bold as Paris, but more quiet  as it’s named: La Belle Au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty). We stayed here for 2 days. Instead of searching for tourist visit places, I thread my  ways to small alleys, observed its ancient architecture and discovered city living style.. 1 2


  1. Crooked Tracks

    I like the bicycles. I can’t wait until the weather gets warm here to bicycle outside.


  2. Spectacular photos. And I love that went away from the tourist destinations to get a feel of the realness and culture of the place.


    • Thank my dear @stacilys! Yes it was interesting, I discovered 2 different lifestyles in a same boulevard, start with plenty busy luxury shopping boutiques then end up with a peaceful simple life of the local. I standed there looking lovely childs playing, laughing in the honey sunset, aww how love!


  3. I love Bordeaux. A perfect holiday would be a few days in St Emilion with its honey-coloured houses and divine vineyards, then on to Bordeaux to go strolling along the river, exploring its alleyways and drinking in the sights.


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