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Puy du fou – World’s best historic theme park

Puy du fou, word’s best historic theme park, is the major tourist attraction in the Vendée area of western France, with 1,200 actors (local volunteers of all ages), brings in some 1.5 million visitors every year, making it the fourth most popular attraction in France.

The park is split into 5 separate attractions, each running for approximately 30 – 40 minutes

Here are 3 of 5 spectacles I watched on my trip 2012

1.The Phantom Birds Dance 


2.Triumph’s Sign


3.The Vikings

IMG_9131IMG_9132IMG_9134IMG_9136IMG_9137IMG_9138IMG_9139What I can say after watching these spectacular attractions?? Woow!! Amazing!!! I can’t believe in my eyes!! I’m living in historical scenes!!

Once again, hat off to those who work hard to make it becomes World’s  best historic theme park.


  1. Stéphane Cassin Photographie

    wow, amazing photos ❤
    I know the Puy du Fou 🙂


  2. We visited about 9 years ago and I remember the birds so well, it was amazing how they flew over our heads. Your great photos brought everything back, thank you for sharing 🙂


  3. Haha looks super cool!! You know what I actually went all the way to that theme park and to find out that it was closed!! My bf forgot to check the dates so we took a memorial photo in the empty carpark. It was quite a funny day though I would have loved to see the stuff there, looks pretty cool!


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