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Pays de la Loire – Blois

Pays de la Loire were our latest travelling destination.

The Pays-de-la-Loire region is the region along the western part of the Loire river, with the Atlantic ocean to the west and the Loire Valley (with most of the Loire valley castles) to the east, Brittany and Normandy to the north and Poitou Charentes to the south.

With  only 4 days,  we decide to settle down in Blois and visit 3 in 21 castles of La Loire: Royal Château of Amboise, Château of Chenonceau and Château Chambord.

Here are photos of Blois city in twilight…

IMG_9008 IMG_9007 IMG_8989 IMG_8991 IMG_9001 IMG_8993IMG_8994IMG_8995IMG_8998IMG_8999IMG_8997IMG_9002IMG_9003IMG_9004IMG_9005IMG_9006photo2

Next post:  Royal Château of Amboise


  1. I love to see what you see. My sister lived in France for 5 years, only to come back home to the US this past summer. I begged her to take pictures of her life, she rarely did, she lived in the Brittany region in a city called Laillé and so it’s so nice to see what she may have seen. Thank you. They are absolutely gorgeous. These images look like film images and do the old, old buildings and streets justice.

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    • Yes Brittany is one of beautiful regions in France, i think she might not knows how to express the beauty of where she live through a camera then she keeps all beautiful scences in her memory? Im a bad memory machine I must say :((, that why i need to capture what i see and feel through my camera. And im so happy that i have friends like you who love to share these moments with. Thank you! ❤


    • Thank you my dear! Me, i love the ducky stand on the bridge side wall ^^
      Have you visited Pays de la Loire as your plan yet?


      • I showed your photos to my brother and he also liked the one with the duck!

        I didn’t visit Blois and the castles because it kept raining all the time (that I wanted to come). So I decided to go to Puy du Fou instead 😀


      • Yes the weather was was too bad:((, cold and wind and rain, that why we didnt have much chance to discover more. Puy du fou was a good choice, i bet your brother enjoyed that much 🙂


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