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Budapest: City Centre

I spent my summer vacation in Budapest, Hungary for one week. This trip is about visiting friends and family so I took most of the time with them and strolled around city centre. Often described as the “Little Paris of Middle Europe”, Budapest is rich in culture and heritage. I am so in love with vintage transports and ancient architectures … Here are my captures of city life 02-IMG_5953 01-IMG_5946 11-IMG_5980 04-IMG_5959 12-IMG_5982 03-IMG_5956 1-IMG_5966-001-side 14-IMG_5985 24-IMG_6060 27-IMG_6071-side 18-IMG_6009 19-IMG_6010-side 16-IMG_5999 07-IMG_5973 10-IMG_5976 28-IMG_6074 30-IMG_6079 29-IMG_6076 31-IMG_6084


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos and the last one I fell in LOVE with!!! You with your daughter, brings tears to my eyes. How precious! Just precious! (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. Yes, I have been looking forward to this! Very nice! I adore how Céline is dressed just like you ❤
    So darn cute ^^

    Budapest seems like a big but still laid back city, very interesting. I love the one of you on the bus and the old tram lines 😀


  3. U always know how to capture precious moments of daily life ❤ I do love your photos, they show different points of view whenever you come to a new place 🙂


  4. You have beautiful photos. When I opened my photo folders at home, I’ve realized that I spent no minute to take photos of this beautiful city lol. We were exhausted with the kids, phew!


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