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Off she goes, Jardin des Plantes

As the sky is blue and full of sunshine today after a raining boring week, as parents promised to take her out to a new place where surely she will enjoy, as she is too eager and excited about it….

so, off she goes….

Guess what she bring along with the trip!? ^^

A full backpack with her favourite book, doll and pacifier


Pink laptop in left hand and green bucket of plasticine in right hand


But it’s not enough!! Never enough!! There’s still more she needs to bring along with :]]]


After  15 minutes of explanation, she agrees to left few things home :]]


Here she goes!

IMG_0510 IMG_0503 IMG_0515

Mom! Why we have to rush while others stop??? Slow down mom!!


Oh Mom, look! What a poor puppy! Why does he cry? Does he hurt, Mom?


May I just stay for a while?


Finally arrived at the place


Enjoy watching more than 100  amazing photos of  “Exposition photo par Nature”

IMG_0555 IMG_0563 IMG_0558

Take a break

IMG_0566 IMG_0570

then play with Mom and Fall leafs

IMG_05762 IMG_06211

Visit and discover nature garden

IMG_0641 3

IMG_0652 IMG_0660

Now it’s time for home, what a happy day she has!


Jardin des Plantes



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