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Brocantes à Paris

Brocantes are similar to flea markets except that they are temporary. The secondhand dealers rove the brocante circuit from one Paris arrondissement to another, week after week.

Last weekend, I went to La Brocante de Noel, one of biggest annual brocante located in one of chic and famous areas of Paris, Le Marais. The market is composed of everything from vintage collectables, clothing and antiques to figurines, food, books, art and second-hand items. This market is the perfect reflection of two counter cultures in the Marais. The clash between the artistic bohemian and capitalist bourgeois come together to form the quintessential atmosphere for any Parisian culture lover.

IMG_1911 1 IMG_1900 3 IMG_1909 6 IMG_1917 4 IMG_1932 2 IMG_1923 5 IMG_1943


    • Im sure you will love to wander around, the atmosphere is so please and charming…
      Thank you my dear for your care, im so sorry for my lack of blogging lately
      Much love


  1. A flea market (brocante in French 🙂 I guess) is the best thing in town. I think this traditional way of buying is more interesting than sitting at home and clicking the mouse. How can we completely feel the materials, the colors, the shapes without touching them? ❤

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