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Ballerina dream

Le solo d’Emilie” is one of Céline’s favourite book, it’s a story about little Emilie, who has deep passion for ballet dancing, who wears beautiful ballet dress and be a star of the theatre in the Christmas night concert.


On a gloomy rainy day, mommy and Celine kicked out the boredom by playing dress-up and dancing.

IMG_6576 Imagine her bed as a theatre and she is “little Emilie“,  Celine swing around in her ballet dress, play hide and seek with the canopy, whisper with her imaginary friends and  laugh out loud. And mommy certainly couldn’t miss the chance to capture precious photos of this little darling girl ❤ IMG_6541 IMG_6550-2-side IMG_6572IMG_6612-side IMG_6682 IMG_6735IMG_6851 IMG_6748IMG_6755IMG_6876 WPC: Blur


  1. Is there an age limit to dressing up and dancing around and playing a part? Your photos make me want to do this desperately.


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