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Short trip in Bretagne: Saint Coulomb and Saint Malo

It’s been two weeks since our short trip to Bretagne, the northwest corner of France. We spent 3 days to visit a small part of Saint-Coulomb, Saint-Malo, Cancale, Dinan and Mont-Saint-Michel.

Saint-Coulomb is where we choose to stay during our trip here in Bretagne, a small village located between Saint-Malo and Cancale. Wake up early in the morning, we walk along track through green fields then end up with an endless coastline.

Saint-Coulomb has more than 14kms of coastline and beautiful beaches but it’s quite quiet and not very touristic. This give us occasion to have our tranquil and private moments.

IMG_9322-2 IMG_9354 IMG_9387 IMG_9397 IMG_9408 IMG_9451 IMG_9487 IMG_9478 IMG_9538 IMG_9488 IMG_9423 IMG_9425 IMG_9465 IMG_9431

Left Saint-Coulomb, we continue our journey to next destination, Saint-Malo.

As we planned to visit Intra-muros, the old city or also called walled port city of Saint-Malo, but it was more crowed than we expect so we decided to hide away to chill out in a small restro by the sea then strolling along a small port in late evening.  Celine had so much fun observing Les petits bateaux and playing with sea waves.

Our first travel journey ended like that, gentle and tranquil. We didn’t have much tourist impression moments but quality family time ^^.

IMG_9553 IMG_9562 IMG_9573 IMG_9613 IMG_9688 IMG_9694 IMG_9769-side IMG_9809 IMG_9878 IMG_0055 IMG_0017 IMG_9701 IMG_9915 IMG_9952-2 IMG_9971 IMG_0021 IMG_0047


  1. That last photo is pulling on all my heart strings at once, and really makes me miss my Grandmother, beautiful as usual 🙂


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