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Natalie in Paris

Natalie is the author of airydreamer, a creative girl and one of the very first bloggers I’ve followed since I started blogging on WordPress. I didn’t remember how the friendship has begun, and didn’t even think that social media can bring me such a sincere relation…that’s amazing!

We had a very short time to meet up in Paris before Natalie flying back to Singapore but it was enough for us to stroll to favourite places, tell stories, share passion and inspire each other.

It was so nice meeting you pretty! See you very soon!


  1. Delicious walk (those desserts looks so yummy!) ^_^ what an enjoyable way to see Paris across your eyes… As a reader I’m happy to know you here, even in a virtual environment, so I can guess the happiness you and your friend had. Thank you dear hadorable for share a friendly moment, I loved every one, but I found particularly haunting the meeting highlighted by the light under the shadows 🙂

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