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Paris summer night

Paris summer night is when the sun still shines and covers every corners of the city with its honey light, when everyone heads outdoors to celebrate the long days by many different ways.

You love the crowd and friends gathering? Canal St.Martin is a popular place to be! Bring along some snacks, cool drinks and gather by the bank, have dinner in trendy restaurants and bars or simply take a stroll through art streets and see cool people pass by with a twist…

Or you prefer a place to relax and recharge batteries after a long busy day,  the Ile St.Louis offers a peaceful timeless atmosphere with great street music performances, best artisanal ice-cream and amazing view down to Seine river…

This is how I ended up my summer night….

Paris je t’aime


  1. Beautiful chronicle Hadorable 🙂 nights with sun are a so exotic occurrence never seen to the ones that live near the Ecuador line, so I always find amazing these views at night (!) Thank you ^_^

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    • I lived in Viet Nam before( a south-east Asian country) where the sun is always down around 6pm in any kind of seasons, so I find it’s amazing here in Paris in summer time when the sun still shines at 9pm and we have a longgg day to celebrate the season 😉

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      • In Peru Viet Nam is among the most famous Asian countries (like China or Japan), we have Viettel here and the Stadium in the university I studied is named Hoh Chi Minh ^_^ but I didn’t know about the hour. That longgg day looks marvelous in your photographs.

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  2. Paris có gì lạ không em? Mai anh về giữa bến sông Seine… Chồng em hay hát theo chú Elvis Phương bài này lắm. Giờ thì em biết Paris có đêm hè sáng trong như ngày hè rồi ❤ ❤

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  3. quynhhoang176

    Your photos and post are so adorable, chị! You described exactly what I want to do for a summer night in Paris.

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      • quynhhoang176

        Yes, I’m in Paris as well. Thank chị, I’ll give it a try. Just found you on Instagram 😀 Bonne nuit chị!

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  4. Thao Dominic

    Tìm thấy chị qua bài báo trên afamily. Em thật vui và tự hào khi VN có một người tài năng như chị. Hình chị chụp thật đẹp và rất có hồn, làm em phần nào cảm nhận được vẻ đẹp của Paris và thêm yêu nơi này hơn. Chúc chị luôn an lành và luôn tìm được cảm hứng mới để chia sẻ nhiều ảnh đẹp hơn nhé 😉

    Thảo |

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