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Paris a sunny day after the dark night

It’s hard to feel easy about the monstrous attacks in Paris on Friday night, I believe that the whole city was deeply in shock and pain.

Instead of locking their door and staying inside, today people started to get out of home as if nothing had happened, they are strong and stubborn to proudly continue to live their daily lives.

These are images I captured on the streets of Paris this sunny Sunday to see how people choose to get over the tragedy…

#viveParis #spreadlove #lovewins


  1. avian101

    It was a terrible thing what happened in Paris, it’s sad. Please keep safe and be careful Ha, same for your family! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your care H.J! It’s not easy to get over this tragedy but with solidarity and love within French people and from friends all over the world I believe we are strong enough to face with worst situation.


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  2. It looks like you got outside too. Good. I can’t begin to tell you how sorry we are. But, I can say this. If there is anything you or your family needs, just ask. We have a surprisingly long reach. 🙂 Peace. Ray


    • Thank you my dear @Francis for your care as always, yes we are fine until now but and don’t know how tomorrow will be, but we keep our faith for #love and #peace.

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  3. Such strong photos that you’ve captured, I hope after the great shock everyone will remain with love for all people, stay strong, we stand by your side!

    Love Always, Thyra.

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    • Thank you @Thyra, for your love and care! These inhuman acts which present for no nation and religion are threatening not only Paris but the world, they aim to distort our judgment with fear and anger so the only way to win them is to win our fear and to believe in love.

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  5. kyohinaa

    I’m glad you went out to take beautiful records of the strength of the people in Paris too. Am keeping all in the world in prayer. Stay strong!

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  6. This is hauntingly beautiful, I did think of you and your family. I’m so glad to see that you are ok and strong in the face of such tragedy. Beautiful photos as always. ❤

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  7. Thank you for sharing these photos. My prayers and thoughts are with the people of Paris and hope they can begin to heal and resume their lives again, although it is I’m sure very difficult for those so affected directly to the attacks. Thank you, too for recently visiting my blog site.

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