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Last Christmas

ssAnother Christmas is coming  and I guess you are getting into the festive spirit as I am ^^

After rushing for holiday season preparation, I’m now having myself a break with a cup of hot chocolate and sinking into the rhythm of  “Winter moon” while throwing back to old beautiful memories I had with my beloved ones last Christmas.

I wish you all peace, joy, and all the best this wonderful holiday has to offer. May this incredible time of giving and spending time with family bring you joy that lasts throughout the year.

Much love,




    • Cám ơn chị Trang! Mẹ con ra đường hay mix-match điệu đàng với nhau 🙂
      Hình này cả nhà chụp năm ngoái, năm nay trời ấm và đẹp lắm chị ah! Chúc chị và gia đình giáng sinh an bình nhé!


  1. It’s almost new year’s day here in Peru dear hadorable. I am sorry to write here but I don’t want to let go this moment without wishing to you and your loved ones a great and happy 2016. One of the nice events in my 2015 was to have your presence, words and marvelous photographs. Thanks!!! ^_^/

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    • Im beyond words @Francis!! It’s so kind of you!! Thank you for thinking of me and my family on this beautiful moment of New Year’s Eve! Im happy to have you here to share our passion in photography! I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful and happy 2016!
      Much love,


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