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A beautiful day out

It’s only a week ‘till Celine’s birthday and we have a list with a lot of things to do.

Céline wishes to have a princess dress, actually she already had two but it should be pink this time like  Aurora’s dress not the old blue of Elsa or white one of Cinderella. We need to get stuff for games and decoration. And the most important are invitation cards which should be sent two weeks ago before spring break but we still not have them in hand…oops! 

So it took us haft of the day to go out and get things done as plan, but actually, there were only a few were done. Because Céline couldn’t take her eyes off those beautiful books chez Le Gai Rossignol, it was so much fun playing with the pigeons in front of George Pompidou center and no one couldn’t disturb her from having an Amorino ice-cream while listening a streetman singing… 













  1. Maman et fille having a girls´ day in the city? That´s so sweet, and SO beautifully captured through your lens. What a big girl she already is , your pretty princess!

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    • Hi Sabine! It’s very nice to hear from you! Yes it was so much fun having a girls day out with Celine! She is now big enough to share girls moments with me, how blessed!
      Thank you so much and happy Easter to you and your beloved!

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  2. Those pictures are so so nice and well they really transfer a relaxed atmosphere. I especially like the photo of Celine photographed like she is this super boss walking down the street! So cool, and where did you look at these amazing dresses, they are so delicate and beautiful! Xx

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    • Hello lovely!
      Celine is a bit hyperactive and freely everywhere she is ;”) so she might think she is super boss walking down the street :]]. You can find those beautiful dresses at Zara store I hope.

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      • Oh I have to go there, I am so small, most times I fit into kids clothing hehe 😉 My stepbrother is so hyperactive as well, but on the street he get’s so slow, because everything is so interesting to him, the flowers, the birds, everything, very cute! ❤

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      • I love the style of Zara, but I have been trying to stay away from them for a little while, because if their work ethnics and the “fast fashion”-stuff and because of my wallet, hehe. 😉


    • Celine says thank you!! She’s with me now! She asks me if you are my friend? If she has met you yet? 🙂 I tell her there are people we haven’t had chance to meet yet but we feel they are so close in some ways and isn’t it beautiful? ^^

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      • Awwwww, that’s so sweet. Yes, it’s true. I have a friend that told me once that every relationship we have is different. No two are the same. And that even counts for the virtual friendships as well, doesn’t it? So glad that we have met here on WP. You are one of my favourite life photographers. LOVE your photography.
        Hope the birthday celebrations were fun.
        🙂 ❤

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      • Thank you so much Stacilys! Im beyond words….

        Celine had a wonderful princess party as her wish, I will share with you soon 🙂


  3. Olivia

    Thanks for your sharing chi! beautiful captures of mommy and daughter’s moments! hope she picked that pinky dress! lovely

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    • I’m happy that you enjoyed reading my daily stories em! Yes she loved the pink one but it was out of size so Celine was upset a little bit, I will try to find one in other stores, hope I can get it for her ^^


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