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Princess Party

Last Sunday, Céline celebrated her 5th birthday with full of joy and happiness.

As you might already knew, she wished to have a  princess party with some close girlfriends so I decided to turn our garden into a tiny wonderland with pink textures of renoncule flowers, paper lanterns and transparent ribboned eggs while daddy helped to fill the house with colorful balloons. 

I also made raspberry tart, chocolate dipped strawberry and a simple birthday cake for Celine, honestly, I’m not good in sweet baking things at all but luckily it was not really bad for my first attempt lol. 

What a delightful feeling to see how these little girls enjoyed the party, especially my petite Céline…



  1. avian101

    Wonderful party! Everyone looks happy and having a great time. The Princess is having a royal event on her 5th birthday! Your pictures should go directly to a photo album, they are precious! 🙂

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    • Yes they really enjoyed the party these little girls! Thank you for reminding me to print out precious moment like this in photos which I should have done a long time ago! lol

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    • Yes, it’s really hard to accept that they won’t stay this little forever…
      I’m saving these beautiful memories every day, hope my hard disk has enough space lol
      Kisses to you! ❤

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  2. Oh, I wish I´d be 5 again and have a party like that. Tellement adorable!! You made it look like a party every little girl dreams of!
    PS: My girl will be 3 come June, and I took the opportunity of already buying some decoration goodies at Bon marché yesterday 😉 – couldn´t resist !

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    • Thank you so much Sabine! I tried to do my best with a hope that her childhood is being filled with lots of love and joy ^^
      Oh I can feel how excited you are for your angel’s upcoming birthday and there is no doubt she will have an amazing birthday party, I trust in your taste!


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    • Được master chef khen thật là vui quá! Em cảm ơn Chị rất nhiều! Vẫn giõi theo blog của Chị để học hỏi các recipe mới đó ạh hihi ❤


      • Ôi chị mà masterchef gì, cũng như em lọ mọ làm bánh nấu ăn cho gia đình thôi mà.


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