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Allane & Wolfi / couple session in Paris

When one of my favourite bloggers i met here on WordPress suggested to meet in person and asked me a couple shooting during her visit in Paris with her husband to celebrate their 3 years of marriage, I had no word but my excitement to meet the couple and to capture their love story in this romantic city…

IMG_2445IMG_2465-checkerIMG_2487 copyIMG_2506IMG_2531 copyIMG_2537 copyIMG_2555IMG_2655IMG_2670 copyIMG_2714-side copyIMG_2741-side copyIMG_2806 copyIMG_2842IMG_2871-2 copyIMG_2887 copyIMG_2910IMG_2931IMG_2950-side copyIMG_3010-side copyIMG_2988-checker copyIMG_2974-side copyIMG_3066 copyIMG_3058IMG_3064 copy

Allane is founder of Packing my Suitcases, a traveling blog , where she shares her passion in travelling as well as amazing tips and useful advises from more than 30 countries she has lived and visited.

Are you planning a trip for two in Paris this summer? These are 15 romantic things you should pay a visit and try in the city of love.



  1. We’ll be in Paris later this summer. Working trip. Only for a couple of days. I have a technical photography question to ask you if you don’t mind. The subject matter is great. The overall look and feel of the pictures is great. But, where are the highlights? I’m pretty sure if you opened up the low register grays that the pictures would just sparkle.

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    • Hi Ray! It will be cool to catch up with you in Paris! Thank you so much for your complement, I took the photos in early morning on a grey day so there was not so much lighting and i option lower contrast tone in editing so you might see the subject is not so sparkle from the background ^^


      • We’ll try. Paris is really a landing place as we head to the south of France, Portugal and Spain. We aren’t traveling as heavy as usual, but we will have two very energetic toddlers in tow.

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